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FastKeys v4.23




(more screenshots: https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/screenshots.html)

About FastKeys:

FastKeys is an easy-to-use Windows automation tool and Text Expander. It allows you to build your own text abbreviations, start menus, shortcuts and commands to run files, open web-pages, send macros or automate anything. It is incredibly powerful yet simple to use.


Key Features:

  • Powerful strings abbreviations in Text Expander to save you hours of typing. Type out a couple of letters, and the program replaces it with a whole word or paragraph or even simulates key presses. Great productivity tool.
  • Personalized Start Menu. Use Start Menu to start any activity on you computer. Just touch the screen edge to call the menu - it is always there and is fully adaptable to your needs.  
  • Keyboard or mouse Shortcuts to do just about anything with a keystroke. Run programs, open files and folders, open sites or use powerful scripts to automate Windows desktop and applications.
  • Intelligent Auto Complete word and phrase prediction utility with learning capability. Many language databases are already included. Great time saver. It can also be used as versatile launcher.
  • Simple and amazing Mouse Gestures lets you perform common tasks or execute complex actions. Just hold down a mouse button (usually a right one) and move the mouse.


Changelog v4.23:

  • Space added as a selection key,
  • Start Menu improvements,
  • New settings in Enterprise Edition,
  • Updated translations,
  • Small improvements and bug fixes.

(Version history)



Homepage: https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/index.html

Download: https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/download/FastKeys_Setup.exe

Portable: https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/download/FastKeys_Setup_Portable.exe


Keygen (Fastkeys 3.0x Keygen Team SnD):

Site: https://www.upload.ee

Sharecode: /files/9585842/FK_3_KG.7z.html






The medicine still works for this version.




If you like this piece of software, show the devs some support any buy it. ;)

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