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eMule Security IP Filter List


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Homepage: http://emule-security.org/ Description:   IP-FILTER V1818 RELEASED Optimized: https://www.upload.ee/files/10678529/ipfilter_v1818.rar Bogon list - 03.11.19 Fake

IP-FILTER V1820 RELEASED Optimized: https://www.upload.ee/files/10916556/ipfilter_v1820.rar Bogon list - 01.01.20 Fake servers list - 01.01.20 Level 1 list - 01.01.20 Amazon list - 01.01.20 19

IP-FILTER V1819 RELEASED Optimized: https://www.upload.ee/files/10817800/ipfilter_v1819.rar Bogon list - 07.12.19 Fake servers list - 07.12.19 Level 1 list - 07.12.19 Amazon list - 07.

1 hour ago, zonar2 said:

or Ipfilter.dat  without hyphen ?

Both should work I choose this Ipfilter.dat

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Thanks. This file is also good for µTorrent (just change:   ipfilter.enable >  true). Ipfilter.dat must be copied to this file, usual path =  C:\>Users>John>AppData>Roaming>uTorrent

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@Muli Mädchen,

I asked you (https://www.emule-security.org) years ago to remove the good OVH servers from your fake IP list, because they are nothing else, but because of sheer ignorance you leave hundreds of good IPs in the IP filter, although you have known me for over 20 years, whoever uses this filter is simply to blame for not getting really fast downloads!

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I just copy and past this filter here because many member here like it, if other are able to make a recleaned every month feel free to do so and post it here, so then member can choose what they want the one or the other, as long a new filter comes out I will post it here.


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If like this might also be usefull for some, I havnt tested so cant say any about this, so be my guest and test if you like.


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