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Nvidia trained AI to put your pup's smile on a lion


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Over the weekend, Nvidia announced that it has trained an AI – which you can test out yourself – to put the expression of one animal realistically onto the face of another.


With Nvidia's new GANimal app, you can put the smile of your pooch onto the face of a lion, tiger, or bear. In fact, this app can recreate the expression of any animal on the face of any other creature.


To accomplish this, the technology company trained an AI using generative adversarial networks, "an emerging AI technique that pits one neural network against another". The network can translate the image onto a slew of target animals – even those it has never seen before. Instead of having to feed the network several images of your dog, it can perform this task with just one input image, which makes the process simpler than ever.


Users can try it themselves and put their pet's expression on animals like an Arctic fox, American black bear or lynx.


According to the company, this type of technology could potentially be used in filmmaking, to not only alter animals' expressions, but also to map their movements and recreate them on leopards or jaguars.


The GANimal app is the most recent step in the company's lead computer-vision researcher Ming-yu Liu's goal to "code human-like imagination into neural networks".

The tool uses the same kind of network as the one behind GauGAN, a technology that turned simple doodles into photorealistic landscapes, which users can also try out for themselves. 


Source: Nvidia trained AI to put your pup's smile on a lion (via The Star Online)

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