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X-Plore File Manager 4.16.16 [Donate]

H Hayat

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        X-Plore File Manager v4.16.16




- Two-pane application interface.

- Tree view of all drives / folders / files on the PDA.

- Ability to work with files on another device, via access via Wi-Fi, FTP, LAN.

- Availability of a WEB-interface for managing files using a browser, through a tab with the server address.

- Support for the Send Anywhere service.

- View Sqlite databases.

- Execute commands and transfer files via SSH.

- Support DLNA.

- Safe function (encrypted .X-plore folder for storing confidential files).

- Integrated text viewer and images.

- View file properties.

- Own video player.

- Own audio player.

- Editing ID3 tags and replacing / removing covers in MP3 files.

- View the display of fonts in TTF format.

- Editing file attributes (hidden, read only, etc.) [available only on devices with Root-rights].

- Rename and delete files.

- Create and edit text files.

- Creating folders.

- Multiple choice.

- Copy and move files and folders.

- Unpacking files from Zip, 7zip, RAR4x and Jar archives.

- Packaging of files in Zip-archives, with the ability to add a password to them.

- View PDF files (Android 5.0+).

- Device info.

- View a list of all applications installed in the device.

- Run programs from the list of installed applications.

- Built-in software update.

- View saved files in mail client folders.

- Hex viewer and editor.

- Search files.

- Hot buttons for opening folders.

- Support for file operations in the following cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon cloud drive, CLAIM.mail.ru, Mega.co, OneDrive, Flickr, Webdav, Yandex.Disk, MediaFire, IDrive, Owncloud, PCloud, SugarSync , Dump Truck, pCloud, Picasa

- Starting from version 2.0 it is possible to use Root for actions with system folders.



On Google Play






From Bro @Deltafox

Site: http://srv-13.directserver.us

Sharecode[?]: /?file=mega_fee8dce3af



Site: https://mega.nz

Sharecode[?]: /#!WWQnRSRI!yS5-9G0n9FCT4K7VZAt_kDCNItfPrQ5EvjY76Tv8TI4

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