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[Frontpaged] cFosSpeed 10.51 Build 2348 Beta


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cFosSpeed 10.51 Build 2348 Beta


Download | Beta - http://www.cfos.de/beta/cfosspeed-v1051-build2348.exe



Changes in 10.51 Build 2348 Beta:

  • If there exist several routes to the Internet simultaneously, cFosSpeed can now use all of them for Traffic Shaping.  This is especially useful if you   have a balancing setup, e.g., one LAN adapter and one mobile adapter in use at the same time.  
  • Added "spd flush_usage_logs".  Speeded "spd flush".
  • To save processing power, the cFosSpeed service now uses routing / address / interface change notifications to monitor route changes instead of a periodic timer.
  • Optimized handling of how used programs are tracked and stored.  It is now faster and more consistent.
  • Used tech from cFos Personal Net to make the internal Webserver of the cFosSpeed service more responsive.
  • Added -json and -raw options to "spd ports" and "spd speed_info".
  • "spd pcnt" will only work if new flag global_counters is set to 1.  Enable with "spd gset global_counters 1".
  • Added time to "X" type line of metadata dump.  This line is printed when a TCP or UDP connection is killed.
  • Fixed a Unicode encoding bug in JSON output.
  • Fixed a bug where the cFosSpeed status window would not regard the position of the system taskbar with auto-arrange.  Thanks to George H.
  • Removed the option to disable the taskbar icon. You can use the Windows taskbar configuration dialog to hide the taskbar icon if you want.
  • Added more common programs to the prioritization list (settings.ini). Thank you for all your program suggestions!



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