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TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic (PATCHED) v1.17.10.2136

H Hayat

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TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic v1.17.10.2136




TomTom GO Mobile is the navigation app with offline maps, and precise traffic and speed camera alerts. These help save time and money and let you drive new roads in over 150 countries. Whether you’re a commuter or a scenic driver TomTom GO Mobile makes you feel like you’re in the priority lane.



Discover the road ahead in over 150 countries, with millions of points of interest, that make you feel like a local anywhere. Intelligent routing gives you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge this is your perfect journey.



Enjoy a hassle-free drive thanks to live traffic and speed camera alerts without pesky ads. For daily drives destination prediction learns your driving habits for faster route planning. While for new roads advanced lane guidance keeps you confident.



Connect to a wealth of information; both stored and online. Offline maps are stored locally, and help you save you data costs. When connected you can share your arrival time and benefit from the latest input from a community of millions.



As one of the first digital mapping companies, TomTom's years of experience and passion for advanced map making is at your fingertips from within the app. Download offline maps for over 150 countries, with regular updates for the best navigation experience.



On Google Play



New Lincensed Until 01-01-2101


SHA-256 Sum Patch Apk :  51A19FD78A4F8F3C862821FFD86ED7EC6724CA685CC303A2267B9B39B27EFA5C


ONLY If need this is a obb file to copy in SDCard\Android\obb\com.tomtom.gplay.navapp\


SHA-256 Sum Obb : 210A19B740EB9B0B35CAB0C6E172D0CCB4E43E7EFBC86F78465BF57C668C602A


The password for content.db into root folder... downloaded whit this release is : "DeltaFoX"




1) install the app from Google Play store. <--------DO THIS FIRST !!!!!!


2) run it, close. <----------------------------------DO THIS BUT do not download any Maps or Voices


3) uninstall from Application Manager. <-------------THEN THIS BUT do not uninstall it with The Google Store !!!!!!

Please note do not use 3rd party uninstallers only use what came with your phone or tablet......


4) install Tomtom_Go_Navigation&Traffic Patched <--NOW THIS


5) restart phone




Patched Apk..:

Site: http://srv-10.directserver.us

Sharecode[?]: /?file=mega_e29f3ddfb3



Site: http://srv-17.directserver.us

Sharecode[?]: /?file=mega_745ae00702

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53 minutes ago, Ha91 said:

links not working. no download page coming, but only website home page?

failed to generate link error on second link!!!


 I provided a direct download link. you not need to click download, just copy "site" and paste to a new tab and copy "sharecode" and paste next to the "site" it will download automatically.

And Link is working perfectly.

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1 hour ago, momosala said:

Sorry,links out.  Nothing works.


Site: https://mega.nz

Sharecode[?]: /#!aSR2wC7A!xp1AG03DHI60eELMRsMn7DgYWdh6bMhIJP1ad3NIx84



Site: https://mega.nz

Sharecode[?]: /#!fPYwTaCA!BUeDQwHeaIUc2S7QIdwL2EXQNM6C-r8p4rGVu6CnqOI

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Everything you require:


Site: http://www.mediafire.com
Sharecode: /file/xsk337f5jtbtpq4/TT_Go_v1.17.10.zip/file


(make sure after the .com part you have only 1 forward slash (/) 

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