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Big Bang Theory to stream on HBO Max in deal reportedly worth billions

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The streaming wars continue.



A multibillion-dollar show about nerds.


The Big Bang Theory will join Friends and Game of Thrones on WarnerMedia's HBO Max, which launches next year. This will mark the first time the science-focused comedy will be available for streaming. 


In a deal reportedly worth billions of dollars, Big Bang Theory reruns will stream exclusively on HBO Max in the US, according to a report Tuesday from The Hollywood Reporter. The nerdy sitcom has also extended its syndication rights to WarnerMedia-owned cable channel TBS until 2028. 


WarnerMedia announced the HBO Max streaming service in July. When it launches sometime in 2020, HBO Max will feature TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Sopranos and Arrowverse, as well as movies such as Shazam, A Star Is Born and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The service will compete with both Disney Plus, which launches in November, and Netflix, which bought exclusive rights to Seinfeld reruns on Monday. 


The show, which was produced by Warner Bros.Television and Chuck Lorre Productions, ran on CBS. The Big Bang Theory ended its 12-year run on CBS in May. (Editors' note: CBS owns CNET.) 


The show received three nominations for this year's Emmys. The awards show airs Sunday.  


WarnerMedia didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.



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IMHO too much money and time and effort put forth to propagate these shows and satisfy a brain dead society. I hardly ever watch TV and if I do it is an old show like Dragnet, Bonanza or Andy Griffith to name a few, all this can be found easily for free, just buy a streaming device like Firestick or ROKU. BOOM, DONE, NO MONTHY BILL, GOOD TV, FREE


Billions of $$$$$$$$$$ lmao


@steven36 good article, keep up the good posts, I enjoy reading them, along with a few others active here.

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