Facebook told Engadget it is committed to figuring out the motives and tactics of these bad actors on Instagram, and that its abuse-fighting team is constantly updating its automated and manual systems to help detect any suspicious activity on the app. One of the ways it's doing that, Facebook said, is by using machine learning to examine thousands of attributes from accounts and focus on behavior that's difficult for spammers to fake, like their connection to real people on Instagram. In addition, the company says it is investing heavily in tackling inauthentic engagement, which makes it easier to spot when an account is using a third-party service to generate fake likes, comments and followers.


Given the massive scale of Instagram, this problem isn't going to be fixed overnight, however. And while Facebook is adamant that it is dedicating plenty of resources to combat spam/porn bots on Instagram, the company said something similar months ago and not much has changed. If anything, these comments are more prominent now than they were in April, when we first reported on them. Still, Facebook says it is investing in this area for the long term, and the hope is that one day soon you won't come across any of these accounts on the app.


Until then, don't be surprised when you check out a celebrity's post and keep seeing comments from random accounts telling you to stop ignoring their huge booty.:naughty: