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[Frontpaged] Mp3tag 2.97 Stable


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Mp3tag 2.97 Stable
Download - https://download.mp3tag.de/mp3tagv297setup.exe



Changes in 2.97:

  • FIX: some global placeholders at export (e.g., %_total_files%) were not evaluated on a per-loop basis anymore (since v2.91b). (#45818)
  • FIX: error message was empty if export file was opened and locked by another application.
  • FIX: invisible _SEPARATOR fields on the Tag Panel were part of the tab sequence.
  • CHG: copying cover art from Firefox via clipboard uses original image data if available.
  • FIX: copying cover art from Firefox via clipboard was no longer possible (since v2.95a). (#45776)


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