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[Frontpaged] Process Lasso


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Process Lasso

Download | x86 - https://bitsum.com/files/processlassosetup32.exe
Download | x64 - https://bitsum.com/files/processlassosetup64.exe



Changes in

  • GUI: UX refactoring and tuning (details below)
  • GUI: Change font of controls on main window
  • GUI: Change order of rotation through color schemes when clicking on graph
  • GUI: Change color of graph grid, now less prominent
  • GUI: Reduce main window margins by half
  • GUI: Reduce RAM load graph width
  • GUI: Fix core graphs display issue when odd size logical CPU cores
  • GUI: Enable core graphs display for single CPU core systems
  • GUI: Improve appearance of core graphs
  • GUI: Sizer (divider) control apperance improvement
  • GUI: Switch to shortened Uptime format
  • GUI: Fix RAM load graph could get mispositioned after manual sizing
  • GUI: Improve flicker of CPU utilization and RAM load graphs on sizer control
  • GUI: Move Lasso versions to right-most status bar component
  • GUI: Strip embedded tabs in processor name string
  • GUI: Change ‘RAM Load’ caption to ‘% RAM’
  • GUI: Default panel size adjustments
  • GUI: Change the methodology for panel size adjustments with main window resize
  • GUI: Improve graph legend ellipsis
  • GUI: Rename ‘automatic updates’ to ‘update without prompt’
  • GUI: Add registry option ‘nographgrid’ to hide graph grid
  • GUI: Update German and Slovenian
  • GUI: Other misc changes
  • Core: Change module description in version block


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