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Sites with o00pen signups


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hello friends and not so friendly people :o .just jokin :lmao:

I have decided to make this thread into a listing of sites with open signups.Sometimes even the elitest trackers let u in,if ur luck enough or on time :flowers:

Soo i will find good sites and list,and u guys can do the same :snack:

cheers B) :evil:




Torrentit.eu is one of the oldest private trackers around, but has only recently acquired decent sceneaxx and is beginning to tally up some great pretime numbers. Ranked #5 overall in points as reported by a respected private trace, TiT is competitive without offering all the unnecessary scene prespam. According to Trac3.me TiT has torrent raced 4,117 times and ranked in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place 70% of the time.

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DigltalHive open for signup


Edit:DigitalHive has really begun to crank out the torrents lately, and has added 900 new ones during the past 7 days alone. While officially online for 3½ years, DH has been in it’s current format since Sept. ‘08 (torrents older than this don’t exist). Content is mostly scene-related (with pretimes attached to them) although there are also user-uploaded torrents & a decent selection of TV/Movie packs.

+700 freeleech torrents :)

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TorrentVault is headed for greatness, and competes with the Top 3 scene trackers for pretimes. In a private trace, TV is listed in fourth place for both points and wins - and on p2p-net.eu is ranked 2nd in spam and 3rd in non-spam. Very impressive stats considering they’ve only had good sceneaxx for about 4 months now. Aside from the hodgepodge array of pred releases, TV also features daily 0day/apps packs, music videos (and MDVDRs), TV/movie boxsets, and a separate section with filled requests.


All freeleeches at the moment B)

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Wooow man was looking forward to join xbox site

Great news , already Signed up there

Thanks alot :sneaky:

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open signups 8)


New Gazelle TV Tracker, sprouted from Passthepopcorn (some of the PTP staff are staff on sharetheremote too); and afaik, their IRC is also currently on PTP's IRC network.


Probably the best e-learning tracker on the field.Well known before as docs.torrents.ro

The tracker is back and they have been busy lately with uploading a lot of stuff.






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