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SD Maid v4.14.12 19.05.2019 Official Playstore version + Pro Key Installer


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Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9992401/SD_Maid_4.14.12_Pro.zip.html

includes Unlocker v4.3.8.. 



What's new 

  • Latest production version: v4.14.12 (41412), Unlocker v4.3.7(40307)
  • Latest beta version: strawberry
  • Legacy versions: v3.1.5.4, v2.1.4.1, v0.9.8.9.

SD Maid v4.14.12 19.05.2019


  • Improved: Clutter database and added new dynamic markers for tencent related apps.
  • Improved: Internal dependencies.
  • Improved: Translations.
  • Fixed: Possible hang during app initialization/opening related to the IAP lib trying some weird file access.


  • Fixed: Floating action button sometimes not updating correctly and staying blank (#2594).


  • Fixed: Potential UI crash related to searching/filtering the list and refreshing it.


  • Improved: Added support for Korean ko to ACS based deletion.
  • Improved: WebView cache filter (#2513).
  • Improved: Bugreporting filter (.logTmp).


  • Fixed: Crash when the internal sqlite binary can't be used and SD Maid tried alternative setups.




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SD Maid Pro 4.14.12 Ultra Lite Mod by DIMIX

● Removed all languages except EN, ru
● Removed all graphics except hdpi
● Removed debugging information
● Compression: Ultra+Zipalign
 Signature test (testkey), then you will have to uninstall the original app before installing


Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9991936/SD_Maid_Pro_4.14.12_Ultra_Lite_Mod_by_DIMIX.apk.html



SD Maid Pro v4.14.12 LITE-MOD BY DS

Cleaned and lightened;
Ru, En, Uk;
The name of the application "SD Maid Pro";
Compressing / ultra-compressing and removing duplicate graphics DO NOT APPLY!


Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9987323/SD_Maid_Pro_v4.14.12_lite-mod.apk.html

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don't see how patched apks are better than the combination of official app + unlocker.. 


no need to uninstall  old versions because of conflicts in app signature.. 

its a small app 4kB.. no need to compress more

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