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[Help/Question] Matchware MindView 7.0.15506


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Greetings, NsaneForums.


Apologies if I'm asking the wrong question or on the wrong forum; still a newbie here.


I was wondering if any of you could help me cook some medicine for Matchware MindView 7 (latest version 7.0.15506)? It's the best mind-mapping software I've yet seen, and lacks medecine. MindView 6 had medicine from CORE (keygen), but version 7 adds a bunch of techy features and an Office 2016 aesthetic (big improvement imo over Office 2013 look of 6). 


I own a legit license for MindView 6, but have been poking around in MindView 7 with x64dbg. I've figured that the DRM is (mostly) contained in "mwas.dll" ("Match Ware Activation Server???"). It uses a demo timer, and (I believe) features offline activation from files (based off the references in the software), besides online activation. Licence files are located at "C:\ProgramData\mwas\MindView [version number].mwas" (example attached, from the trial version - rename file extension to .mwas and you got it).


The downloads page is here, and I believe the "English AT" edition to be the most complete (AT= Assistive Technology, has compatibility with Dragon, screen readers, etc.). I'm studying electrical engineering, so know a little programming, but x86 Assembly is a bit beyond me at the moment.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Live long and prosper!



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