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EZ CD Audio Converter

Download | (32-bit) - http://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x86.exe
Download | (64-bit) - http://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup_x64.exe
Download | (32 and 64-bit) - http://download.poikosoft.com/ez_cd_audio_converter_setup.exe




Changes in

  • Opus 1.3.1 Codec Update
  • M4A rating tag Windows File Explorer compatibility
  • Improved CD player
  • Eject/Load buttons replaced with single Eject/Load button 
  • Fixed the bug created in the previous update: Invalid pre-gap values were written to Cue Sheet if pre-gap detection was not used


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