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Adguard 3.0.287 [Beta] [Premium]


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AdGuard is the best way to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking, and to protect your device from malware.

Make your web surfing faster, safer and more comfortable with AdGuard!

AdGuard is a unique no root ad blocker for Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps
Easy to set up and get going, but powerful and highly customizable — it has everything you'll ever need from an Android adblock tool, and it works both on rooted and unrooted devices.


Why Adguard:



Blocks ads everywhere
Block throughout the whole system. This includes video ads and ads in your favorite apps, browsers, games, and on any website you can imagine. Dozens of ad filters are available to you and are updated on a regular basis, guaranteeing the best filtering quality.


Cares about your privacy
We value the privacy of your personal data above anything else. With AdGuard, you will be safe from online trackers and analytics systems that lurk on the web trying to steal your sensitive information.


Saves your traffic
More ads blocked means fewer ads loaded. Fewer ads loaded means more traffic saved. Simple math by AdGuard! Download the apk file, install the app and spend your traffic on things you like instead of wasting it on voracious ads.


You stay in control
It is your device, after all, and you decide what gets filtered and what doesn’t. A wide range of settings — from basic to 'pro' — as well as an Apps Management tool will help you customize the filtering to your liking.

Try AdGuard ad blocker for Android apps for free and feel the difference! Once you go with our app on your tablet or mobile phone, you'll never want to go back.


In This Release:



Another beta version for AdGuard 3.0 for Android. All the flashy stuff went into the first one, now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and do some good old bugfixing. Doesn’t mean, of course, that there’s nothing to talk about — we went over some of the more notable improvements in greater detail. Also we can’t but mention that CoreLibs filtering engine grows better and better, this update contains the new CL version.


[Fixed] Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work with AdGuard;

Due to the way Wi-Fi calling is implemented, you will face problems if you try to use it while having an active VPN. Up until this update AdGuard wasn’t an exception — but it will be now. Without going into technical details (they are available by the link above), let’s just say we found a way to make AdGuard and Wi-Fi calling friends.


[Added] Problematic devices detection;

It seems that more and more smartphone manufacturers follow the questionable trend of killing apps whenever they feel like it. Some brands and models do so more often than other. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to improve the situation, and these steps vary depending on your particular device.

AdGuard learnt to detect such problematic smartphone models, and when it gets killed like that for the first time, it will show you a notification that explains what just happened (accompanied by some pieces of advice how to prevent that in the future). Its not a cure-all (if only there was one), but definitely better than nothing.


[Improved] Added fallback DNS servers;

If for whatever reason your current DNS server becomes unavailable (doesn’t matter whether you use one of the servers from the list we provide or a custom one), AdGuard uses your system default DNS as a fallback server. Not an ideal solution, so now you can indicate any DNS server (or even multiple) to be used as a fallback. Go to “Advanced Settings > Low-Level Settings” to set it up.


[Changed] License status notifications;
[Changed] Old notification text in HTTPS Filtering;
[Changed] The app UI is distorted in Arabic;
[Changed] “Data saved” value goes beyond the bounds;
[Fixed] Main stat doesn’t change after resetting the statistics;
[Fixed] A filter group doesn’t get enabled if a filter is enabled from search;
[Fixed] Adding AdGuard widget doesn't work correctly;
[Fixed] Crash after search in Apps Management;
[Fixed] Battery consumption displayed wrong;
[Fixed] Browsing security event has wrong status in Filtering Log;
[Fixed] “Content Blocking" menu is missing;
[Fixed] Custom launchers break widget's size;
[Fixed] Incorrect notification is shown after checking for updates when there is no connection;
[Fixed] Protection is restarted when enabling a filter group with all filters disabled;
[Fixed] Empty Stealth mode parameters in Filtering Log;
[Fixed] Landscape orientation UI errors;
[Fixed] Filters in disabled groups receive updates;
[Fixed] Recurring warning notifications in Apps Management;
[Fixed] “I agree with Terms" button is not visible on screens with small resolution;
[Fixed] Incorrect animation;
[Fixed] Outdated filters can't update their descriptions;
[Fixed] Extra icon in Custom filters group section;
[Fixed] Protection is not restarted after enabling the Custom filters;
[Fixed] Side menu is always opened after restarting the app;
[Fixed] Social media filter gets disabled if you skip the onboarding screen after the update;
[Fixed] Support menu bug;
[Fixed] Switches randomly change their states after screen rotation;
[Fixed] The license page does not fit on the screen;
[Fixed] Menu items disappear on the promo screen;
[Improved] An icon added for the recommended filters on the filter groups screen;


[Fixed] AG connecting to a proxy which is not added yet;
[Fixed] Connection is lost when DoH/DoT is enabled;
[Fixed] DNS appears in Apps management search results;
[Fixed] IPv6 upstream addresses are used for default DNS providers;
[Fixed] No internet connection via root proxy on T-mobile;
[Fixed] Wrong custom DNS server name for DOH stamps;
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot detect what app is connecting on Android Q DP1;


CoreLibs & Crash
[Improved] CoreLibs updated to 1.3.207;
[Changed] CL version added to the state file;
[Fixed] Crash after settings importing;
[Fixed] Crash in the Apps Management settings;
[Fixed] When selecting a quick install, automatic crash reporting doesn't turn on;


[Fixed] Compatibility issues
[Fixed] Localization issues
[Fixed] Stealth Mode settings persist in Filtering Log requests after license reset;
[Fixed] “Disable Whitelist” doesn’t work;
[Fixed] Requests highlighting issue;
[Fixed] HTTPS Filtering settings bug;
[Fixed] Importing settings from a file does not transfer filter settings;
[Fixed] Infinite loading after download fail;
[Fixed] Magisk Manager unable to pass SafetyNet check with AdGuard enabled;
[Fixed] Settings backup does not contain app settings;
[Fixed] Cookies TTL can’t be 0.



Premium features unlocked.
This app has no advertisements


Thanks To Brother Balatan For This All


Site: https://dbr.ee
Sharecode: /o7X6

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