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[Frontpaged] foobar2000 1.4.3 Stable


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foobar2000 1.4.3 Stable


Download http://www.foobar2000.org/getfile/ba955061def5d8922ae6af0ed0ba6d51/foobar2000_v1.4.3.exe

Download Page - http://www.foobar2000.org/download



Changes in 1.4.3:

  • Fixed disappearing metadata and playlist content corruption with certain internet radio playlists.
  • Fixed high CPU usage with read-ahead options active.
  • Converter: Fixed broken save-as dialog with | character in encoder names.
  • Made foo_ui_std.dll & foo_input_std.dll report version number of the foobar2000 release that they came with, as some people seem to mix binaries from different releases then run into issues.
  • Made possible to fall back to another decoder with WMA files that standard WMA decoder doesn't accept.
  • Fixed disappearing & appearing 'version' file in library configuration folder.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.4.5.
  • Fixed certain AIFF files not playing (beta 2).
  • Restored foobar2000 version number in HTTP user-agent string (beta 2).
  • Added an option to force HTTP CONNECT with proxy servers (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing odd behaviors when the currently playing track is removed from playlist (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing certain combinations of shuffle and playlist operations to crash (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression with missing HTTP host field in proxy server requests (beta 3, beta 5).
  • Fixed a bug causing random crashes when decoding Vorbis (possibly also MP3 and AAC) due to bad parameters fed to FFmpeg (beta 4).
  • Converter: Made malformed UTF-8 in source file tags no longer cause conversion to FLAC to fail (beta 5).
  • Fixed ReplayGain alter file content crash (final).
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the first link doesn't work. it keeps changing. You shouldn't even bother putting it.

Just link to the download page.

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