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Version 10.9.24 Feb 15, 2019
* GS-runner integration with GUI: Change it from Shared Memory to socket-based protocol.
* Unattended Jobs: show percent of completion, not just general status.
* Unattended Jobs: show rolling log, as sync progresses, not the final log at the end of sync.
* MS graph (OneDrive, Office): Fixed downloads running over 1 hour produce Auth error.
* GSTP: improve speed of reconnect on Receiver Server, if connection is lost on Client side.
* RDC tunnel: make it work again, use correct connection type on remote end.
* CC Runner: Fixed first AutoUpdate of CC Runner was picking up regular GoodSync.
* CC Runner: Fixed user profile was incorrect on initial setup, so log cleanup was too broad.
* No Mediator option: show it only for Windows Server and File Server installers.
* License Check: do it for GoodSync Account too, wait 60 sec after wakeup from sleep.
* Permissions: correct translation of ReadOnly flag from Windows to Linux.
* Storage Beta: now allow 100 Gb storage trials.


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