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GOM Player Plus


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GOM Player Plus is an improved version. I’m not afraid to say the best player on the PC. With him you can watch 4K video without braking and pauses. The player has removed unnecessary advertising, the interface has become even more convenient and more attractive, the performance has been improved. This player is a dream of any fan to watch movies or any video. One program and nothing more is needed. Why install a lot of unnecessary players? GOM Player Plus is what you need!


GOM Player Plus version. GOM Player Plus, it has also been added that it can be used as standard. 


Why use GOM Player Plus? 

The Performance Generation the Next
the GOM Player Get Plus is is built for 64bit computers resulting in the Highest video resolution and video player performance. 


No Advertisements
GOM Player Plus. 


How it works Support the File; Comprehensive
the GOM Player Get Plus is CAN-play all the popular video formats will most by default: AVI, MP4, MKV, the FLV, WMV, MOV, and more! 

Strong subtitle functionality
You can share a large number of subtitles through our own library and by linking with OpenSubtitles.org. You can freely adjust the placement, size, and sync settings of your subtitles. 

Play 360 degrees VR video
- Fully supports 360 degrees video, view the 360 degree world by just using the keyboard or mouse 
- Multi-angle side viewer: front, back, left, and right as well as screen transition 
- Provides search and play functions 360 for the videos the YouTube 


The advanced Features
With a wide to Variety of advanced features like AB repeat The, screen capture, Media Player Get capture, playback speed control, and video effects, the GOM Player Get Plus is Allows you do much more than simply your-play the videos. 


Codec finder

It is not supported by GOM Player Plus. If you’re looking for a code, you’ll be able to find out what you’re looking for. 

The GOM the Remote with the Connect
You CAN control the GOM Player Get the Remote Plus is with the GOM. This includes all basic functions, such as moving forward / back, play, and pause. This also includes advanced functions such as opening files, searching, and PC power control. 










GOM Player Plus Patcher By Progressive

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9226266/gom.player.plus.


Quote (2018-11-20)


[Addition of new features]

  • Supports apng format


[Improvement of function]

  • Added Copy to Clipboard to right-click menu in subtitle area
  • Processes rotation information when rendering jpeg


[VOC and bug fixes]

  • Fixed a problem that occurred when closing a layer in some environments
  • Fixed an invisible phenomenon under certain built-in ASS subtitles
  • Improved delays that occurred when navigating with a keyboard
  • Fixed seek errors that occurred when playing certain AVI files
  • Fixed frame drops that occurred when playing FullScreen on 4K monitor


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Dushyantsinh Chavda


Can you said for security of software download from foxapp-paf.blogspot.com ?


I download advanced systemcare 12 & Driver talent Pro 7.1.12 from this site.

I have warning from ESET Internet Security -->

1. Site blocked : https://trothko.com 

2. Software quarantined  : Driver Talent 7.1.12 Portable [Multiple threats] & ASCPro Portable 12 (Potentially unwanted software)

Can you help me to decide for this two software ? It is false positive or something dangerous in it ?


NB : Yes, GOM player which you linked here, I scan with ESET and this is safe! :D

Thanks in advance!


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On 11/24/2018 at 9:47 AM, Progressive said:

GOM Player Plus Patcher By Progressive


Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9226266/gom.player.plus.

"There is no such file." Was a number typed in wrong, or did I miss something? I can't get it to find Progressive's file - or any file, at that address. Thank you for trying. This is an amazing player - I hadn't ever installed it.

EDIT: Ahhhh - my apologies - I didn't notice the age of this post, until just now.

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Noticed age of original post
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The new Windows X64 file version is I tried the old patch, and it wouldn't do the trick.

Thank you for bringing this amazing little player to my attention - it's very impressive software. 

I can't believe they crammed so much capability into such a tiny package.

I'm just a chump who can't [email protected] anything, but I hope there is a smarter person who might give it a go. 


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