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[Expired] (Personal Giveaway) Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine [CONCLUDED]


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2 hours ago, yashkhan said:

Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine

Eazy Fix details and screens here

One license of Eazy Fix v11

Post your comments to enter the giveaway

PM me within 2 days to claim the win

The giveaway will end any day before 15th Oct 2018

I reserve the right to any action and change in the giveaway


Previously I'l used Rollback Rx, but have been hunting for this program for a long time!  I want to keep my Windows 7 OS indestructible, as long as it will be possible! And this program gives such an opportunity, because offers many options for recovering data and system.  Thank's to Senior Member yashkhan for the opportunity to participate in this competition!


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Compared with the other backup Apps, it is the biggest difference that Eazy Fix occupy less hard disk space.

For offering lot of restore points of system snapshots, Eazy Fix restoring system are faster and easier than  other backup Apps.

thank you.

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On 10/9/2018 at 11:18 PM, yashkhan said:

Contest Open To All

seems I do not need 10 posts for this contest! 

I could really use a good software as this, I previously used Ax Time Machine, but it was unreliable and I dropped it. I have been using Windows System Restore since but would really like something else.

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Eazfix 11.3 driver for win10 was old then Rollback rx pro 11.2.


Checked that the installation package only win10 driver is an old date of 2014-1-6
Rollback Rx Pro 11.2 2020 version is newer then EAZFIX...


Rollback rx win10 driver is date of 2020-01-08...

So I now use rollback home free version.



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