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GoodSync Pro


Download https://www.goodsync.com/download/GoodSync-v10-Setup.exe



Changes in

  • Gs2Go Installer: Fixed Language settings was reset to English on every install. 
  • Gs2Go Installer: Do not stop or start GsServer and other services in Gs2Go installer. 
  • Gs2Go: Use lang.opt file in Profile folder to store Language setting, not registry. 
  • Installer: Keep installer window Topmost, so that it does not get lost. 
  • Gs2Go: Implement separate AutoUpdate for Gs2Go, which downloads its own distribution. 
  • Gs2Go: Implement AutoInstall + AutoUpdate for Gs2Go, run non-elevated.



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GoodSync Enterprise v10.9.4.4 Portable Made With Turbo Studio by @BALTAGY:

32Bit (Size: 61.2 MB)
Site: https://www.mirrored.to
Sharecode: /files/HNCLPRGG/GoodSync_Enterprise_v10.9.4.4_32Bit.zip_links
64Bit (Size: 30.8 MB)
Site: https://www.mirrored.to
Sharecode: /files/05YZXBOU/GoodSync_Enterprise_v10.9.4.4_64Bit.zip_links


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