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[2018-07-10]  REL: VERSION 2.89 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-07-09]  FIX: trying to enable TLS 1.2 on Windows Vista failed all HTTP connections (since
[2018-07-08]  CHG: changed to reuse existing ID3v2 chunk identifier for AIF and WAV to increase
[2018-07-06]  FIX: https connections on Windows 7 and 8 did not use TLS 1.2 by default (Discogs
                   requires TLS 1.2 now).
[2018-07-05]  CHG: changed to use 'id3 ' instead of 'ID3 ' for new ID3v2 chunk identifier for WAV to
                   increase compatibility.
[2018-07-04]  FIX: wrong parameter error when directory history was empty and selection changed.
[2018-07-03]  CHG: added artist to search query for MusicBrainz tag sources.
[2018-07-02]  FIX: directory history was not saved correctly in some cases. (#3020)
[2018-07-02]  FIX: MusicBrainz tag source stopped working after extended namespace alias was changed
                   on server-side. (#3591, #42157, #42159)
[2018-06-29]  NEW: added support for long filesystem paths (> 260 characters). (#42047)
[2018-06-26]  NEW: added panels directory that is also included when saving configuration.
[2018-06-26]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese-Brazil, Slovak and Turkish
                   language files.
[2018-06-25]  FIX: status bar selection state was not updated in some cases. (#42022)
[2018-06-25]  FIX: bits per sample for WavPack DSD was reported as default PCM values.
[2018-06-24]  FIX: directory was not added to Tag Panel directory field when loading via context
                   menu (since v2.88c). (#42007)
[2018-06-23]  FIX: contents of Tag Panel were cleared after loading of Tag Panel configuration.
[2018-06-22]  FIX: auto-save on file selection change did not work in some cases (since v2.88b).
[2018-06-21]  NEW: added loading and saving of Tag Panel configurations from options.
[2018-06-20]  NEW: added loading and saving of Tag Panel configurations from Tag Panel context menu.
[2018-06-19]  CHG: library cleanup now also rebuilds database to free unused space.
[2018-06-18]  FIX: last field in vertical Tag Panel layout was hidden in some cases (since v2.88c).
[2018-06-17]  FIX: samplerate for WavPack DSD was reported as default PCM values.
[2018-06-16]  FIX: small and smaller Tag Panel fields had minor sizing inconsitencies. (#40873/21)
[2018-06-15]  FIX: Tag Panel fields of size 'smaller' did not flow correctly in some cases (since
[2018-06-15]  NEW: added Windows Application Registration for Standard installation. (#41902)
[2018-06-14]  NEW: added context menu to customize Tag Panel.
[2018-06-14]  NEW: added option to specify size when adding Tag Panel fields (normal, smaller,
                   small, multiline).
[2018-06-13]  NEW: improved Tag Panel layout when displayed horizontally. (#40873)
[2018-06-12]  NEW: added Tag Panel fields _DIRECTORY and _SEPARATOR.
[2018-06-11]  NEW: added support for DSD audio for WavPack.
[2018-06-10]  NEW: made all Tag Panel fields configurable, including default fields.
[2018-06-09]  CHG: improved layout of configuration dialogs.
[2018-06-08]  FIX: new Tag Panel fields were not enabled by default (since v2.88b).
[2018-06-07]  NEW: added support for enabling/disabling user-defined fields at 'Options >Tag Panel'.
[2018-06-06]  FIX: icons at user-defined tools option dialog were displayed too small on large-DPI
[2018-06-05]  NEW: added support for MusicBrainz field MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID to MusicBrainz tag
                   source. (#41855)
[2018-06-04]  CHG: added mappings for special fields with MusicBrainz IDs for ID3v2 and MP4.
[2018-06-04]  CHG: adjusted MusicBrainz tag source to write MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID. (#18567)
[2018-06-03]  NEW: option to keep moved files in file list. (#19786)
[2018-06-02]  FIX: saving cover to file failed silently if file already exists with system file
                   attribute set. (#17919)
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