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Changelog :

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Depending on the current user settings, updating from a previous to the latest version of TreeSize could cause some issues. This could occur more likely, when updating from very old versions of TreeSize. These issues are now resolved.

Fixed a possible crash that could occur if two usernames differ in case only.

OneDrive folders are now followed correctly again. An issue with the latest OneDrive client has been resolved.

Comparing a scan with a previously exported scan from an XML file that contained multiple drives, could fail under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed.

A possible freeze if the current printer is not reachable has been fixed.

File Search: Fixed a possible crash that could occur if the duplicates search and the temporary file search were active at the same time.

File Search: Column options of the result lists will now be restored from previously saved options files correctly again.

File Search: Fixed an issue that could occur when searching PDF files for their content on Server 2016 systems.

File Search: Fixed cases where some files were not checked correctly, if the new option "Ensure one unchecked duplicate" was used.

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I Am Negan

Exactly. as demos cant be activated.

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