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WHATSNEW: Mp3tag v2.88f 

Improved Tag Panel

I've made the following improvements to the Tag Panel:

  • many layout changes when displayed horizontally,
  • all fields are now configurable (including default fields),
  • added context menu to customize fields,
  • added option to specify size when adding fields (normal, smaller, small, multiline),
  • added dedicated separator field (_SEPARATOR) to allow for manual column breaks,
  • added option to enable/disable fields, and
  • added loading and saving of Tag Panel configurations.

Option to keep moved files in file list

With Mp3tag v2.87, I've implemented the unpopular change that moved files are always kept in the file list and can be manually removed. I've now made this behavior optional, so that you can decide depending on your preferences.

Updated MusicBrainz identifier mapping

I've added various internal mappings so that fields for MusicBrainz identifiers are now mapped to the correct fields (e.g., MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID is mapped to 'MusicBrainz Album Id').

Further changes

For a complete overview of all changes, please see the Changelog.

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