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Malwarebytes Premium Final aka Stable


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Malwarebytes Premium Final Stable





Changelog: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/229458-ladies-and-gentlemen-malwarebytes-35/?do=findComment&comment=1247990




Moments ago we have released a new components package upgrade to our Windows 7 and later Users: v1.0.374

This release supports includes more advanced core protections that fix the system slowdown excessive memory use issue that required a reboot as a workaround.

Thank you so much to all of you, our Malwarebytes community.


Download: - Links Active!






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Would really like to try an install this, but so far.. all i've managed to do.. is  get a screen telling i have to reboot.. so i reboot, then i run the installer again.. ask to reboot,, run installer reboot.. came back on here and found my numbers on the installer were lower than yours.. downloaded from your link instead of the on from majorgeeks.. ran the installer and again asked to reboot.. just exactly HOW do you install this piece of ......


before giving up.. i ran revo uninstaller which found the uninstaller information of the old malwarebytes in the systen, but 0 files.. then i ran the mbam cleaner which told me i dont have any apps installed. then i ran the installer again and this time it actually installed without any reboots..

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