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Uret Patcher v3.7


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Uret Patcher v3.7 by Jasi2169



Uret Patcher Is An Automated Patching Tool Intended To Break License Checks, In App Purchase Hacking, Removing Ads And Other Restrictions Of Android Apps.
It Includes Custom Patches Based On Per App, Universal Patch, Emulation, Tools And Utilities.


Uret Patcher Is Coded And Managed Single Handedly By Jasi2169 And All The Patches Are Belonged To And Managed By Jasi2169 Itself, This Tool Doesn't Break Any Copyrights Of The Apps As It Makes Changes To Those Files Which Are Written By Android System For That App And Does Not Modify Any Application APKs Installed, Their Integrity Stays Untouched As Before So It Is Totally LEGAL!!
PS You Gotta Install The App Yourself,This Tool Does Not Provide You APKs ie. Setups Or Links To PAID Apps Or Apps Which It Includes Patches For,You Gotta Find The Unmodified Or Untouched APKs Of App Yourself!!

As Always You Should Always BUY The App You LIKE And USE Regularly And SUPPORT The DEVELOPMENT!!

Features :-

  • Custom Patch Per App Based Available For Hard And Popular Apps Including Apps Protected With Different Types Of Obfuscators.
  • Universal Patch To Patch License Check Of Any Android App.
  • Emulations To License Apps To Work Same As Google Servers.
  • Remove Google Ads Of Any Android App.
  • In App Purchase Hacking Emulation.
  • App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Uninstall, Backup Apk And Restore Apk.
  • Rebooter For Soft Reboot,Reboot,Power Off And Reboot To Recovery With One Click.
  • Cleaner To Clean The Cache Partition,Cache Of All Apps,Wipe Dalvik Cache And Wipe Unused Dalvik Odex With One Click.
  • Spoof To Mask IMEI,WiFi Mac Address,Bluetooth Mac Address,Hardware Serial,Manufacturer Serial,Brand,Manufacturer,Model,Device,Product,Hardware,Board.
  • Hook To Make All Apps Debuggable, Disable Debugger Connect Check, Disable Android Version Check On Install,Allow Downgrade Apps,Disable Signature Check,Disable Signature Of APK,Disable Overlay Detection.
  • Dump Logs Can Dump Logs Of All Apps And Can Be Helpful For Other Apps Troubleshooting.

Customizations :-

  • Change Orientation Of Patcher From Default Device Based,Portrait,Landscape.
  • Change Languages, More Than Dozen Of Different Languages Available.
  • Change Animations.
  • Change Sorting.
  • Change Font.
  • Enable/Disable Vibration.
  • Enable/Disable Loading Of Application Icons.
  • Hide Patcher From Other Apps.
  • Hide Patching Tools From Other Apps.
  • Auto Update Check.
  • Export,Import And Reset Settings.

NOTE :- Patch Can Work On Updates Or Maynot Work On Updates But 'PATCH' Will Always Work On Version It Is Made For.

If Patcher Do Not Work Or Crashes For You Check Troubleshooting (Patcher > Menu > Troubleshooting) Follow It,If Still It Does Not Work Then Get Logs (Patcher > Menu > Dump Logs) And Send Me All Files On Email (Patcher > Menu > About > Email Me).


Changelogs :-
v3.7 (31/May/2018)

  • Tried Workaround To Fix Crash While Opening Universal Patch On Some Firmwares.
  • Rework And Optimized License And Billing Emulation Algorithms To Work With Apps Using New Libraries.
  • Added Support For Play Billing Library v1.x For Billing Emulation With Xposed Only, With Root It Doesn't Work Out On Even Minimum Targets Due To Limitations And Also It Requires Play Store To Be Installed Else Emulation Won't Work.
  • Now Billing Library API v1 To API v7 Supported Including VR.
  • Fixed Myket Store License Hook, My Bad Missed Code To Be Added In Previous Build.
  • Added Custom Patches For Brevent, XPrivacyLua Pro And DraStic DS Emulator.
  • Removed Custom Patch For Action Launcher, Use Billing Emulation On It And Click Save Purchase When Buy Plus.
  • Updated Custom Patches For Elevate, Lumosity, Avira Antivirus, Avast Antivirus, NetGuard, TTorrent, Apex Launcher And N7Player.
  • Minor Optimization And Fixes Under The Hood.
  • Bugs Fixed




Site: https://www111.zippyshare.com

Sharecode: /v/ojz8UP2F/file.html


Site: https://distro.webscene.ir

Sharecode: /URET/2018/06.Jun#


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How does this compare with Lucky Patcher? My current phone is not rooted. How well does it work with non-rooted phones?

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Most APP Patchers require ROOT or even XPOSED FRAMEWORK to do their work.

Lucky Patcher and Uret Patcher v3.7



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Put this on your IDm settings site exceptions


Do not download from these sites:


Site does not like IDM

ALSO GOOGLE PLAY PROTECT WILL NOT LIKE both these programs and will stongly suggest you to uninstall them from your DROID

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2 hours ago, teodz1984 said:

Most APP Patchers require ROOT or even XPOSED FRAMEWORK to do their work.

Lucky Patcher and Uret Patcher v3.7



I am not clear on this. Does Uret work better on a non-rooted phone than LP?

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58 minutes ago, TheEmpathicEar said:

I am not clear on this. Does Uret work better on a non-rooted phone than LP?

I think URET is better because Lucky Patcher use to integrate some app patches of Jasi2169.

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