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[1.7.12248] 2018/05/24
* Fixed a security problem (remediation of damaged skin files vulnerability)

+ Added PotPlayer extension with AngelScript
Added open address extension
Added media playlist/item extension
Added media source extension
Added online subtitle extension
Added online subtitle translation extension
+ Added Crossfeed function into sound processing
+ Added a function that did not close when selecting files in navigation

- Fixed a problem where random playback did not work properly when the number of items was large
- Fixed a problem where ftp/webdav could not be opened at a specific URL
- Fixed a problem that did not play a certain 60-frame video smoothly
- Fixed an issue that played certain HTTP videos abnormally







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Portable PotPlayer 1.7.12248 32 & 64 bit Multilingual Online

By PortableAppZ


Download Portable PotPlayer Online (0.7 MB)

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode[?]: /files/8476546/PotPlayer_Portable_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe.html


Online installer is also setup extractor if found PotPlayerSetup.exe, PotPlayerSetup64.exe,OpenCodecSetup.exe, OpenCodecSetup64.exe in its folder.


Extract and run PotPlayerPortable.
Settings of installed PotPlayer should be preserved.
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Rebel Reigns

Daum PotPlayer 1.7.12248 [x86+x64] Portable by @BALTAGY


Download [x86]:

Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/KNMARHDO/Daum_PotPlayer_v1.7.12248_32Bit.zip_links


Download [x64]:

Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/0QHOU0LQ/Daum_PotPlayer_v1.7.12248_64Bit.zip_links



Daum PotPlayer 1.7.12248 [x86+x64] Portable by @jooseng



Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/1CQK9A6R/PotPlayerPortable_1.7.12248_Multilingual.paf.exe_links

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