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Dolby Home Theater v4/Dolby Advanced Audio v2 7.2.8000.17


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Dolby Home Theater v4 elevates PC audio and delivers a surround sound experience through a PC's built-in speakers, headphones, or a connected home theater.


Dolby Advanced Audio v2 improves PC audio with technologies that maintain volume levels, prevent distortion, and even create a surround sound experience.





Require APO Driver


Dolby Home Theater v4 7.2.8000.17 

Site: http://www.mediafire.com

Code: /file/escicgok0ed0yvo/DolbyHomeTheater.msi/file

reg file: /file/5r7n2mlj5fw56is/DolbyHomeTheater.reg/file


Dolby Advanced Audio v2 7.2.8000.17

Site: http://www.mediafire.com

Code: /file/t01ds3b68ru0p2p/DolbyAdvancedAudio.msi/file

reg file: /file/98l68zs76b7ud01/DolbyAdvancedAudio.reg/file


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On 2018/5/25 at 3:27 PM, MassZERO said:

I'm getting some error running services privileged rights with that APO drivers!

DHT cannot be installed

you need the reg file, and try the newest APO Driver 1.0.7 

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15 hours ago, alan_fox said:

you need the reg file, and try the newest APO Driver 1.0.7 

I've done that man, how bout you make a video on how to get it to work so we can fully follow through!

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