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Waves Nx is an application that delivers immersive 3D audio on any headphones. Nx combines the world’s

highest-quality 3D audio algorithms with state-of-the-art head tracking to deliver realistic 3D sound that

recreates the way you hear sound in the world around you.

Waves Nx also lets you hear cinema-quality 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound on your regular stereo headphones.

With Nx, any ordinary set of headphones is transformed into a high-quality surround sound system.

Waves Nx is created by Waves Audio, the world-leading developer of digital audio processing solutions and

winner of a Technical Grammy® Award. Waves audio software is regularly used in the creation of chart-topping

songs and albums, top-grossing movies and best-selling games.


Nx for Movies, Games, Music

Waves Nx lets you experience movies, games and music in immersive 3D audio on your laptop, desktop or

mobile, using any set of headphones.

One of the coolest features of Nx is that it lets you turn any ordinary headphones into a surround sound

system. With Nx, you can experience any 5.1 or 7.1 content on your regular stereo headphones.

  • Nx for movies: Turn the headphones you already own into a state-of-the-art movie theater system with high-quality surround sound.
  • Nx for games: Immerse yourself completely in games and VR scenarios and become a more responsive gamer.
  • Nx for music: Listen to your favorite songs in 3D audio as if the band is playing in the same room with you – hear the music detailed and alive like never before.


Home Page: https://www.waves.com/nx/mac-windows-app

Online Demo: https://www.waves.com/nx/player


Wave NX ( 30 Day Trial ) 

For Windows: https://www.waves.com/dlrdr?id=waves-nx-win

For Mac: https://www.waves.com/dlrdr?id=waves-nx-mac

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