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[Frontpaged] Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42


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Installer (32 bit): https://downloads.vivaldi.com/stable/Vivaldi.1.15.1147.42.exe

Installer (64 bit): https://downloads.vivaldi.com/stable/Vivaldi.1.15.1147.42.x64.exe


Changes (v1.15)


  • [Regression] Grey Screen with Vivaldi Icon VB-39738
  • [Regression] Mouse exit (onmouseleave) events being ignored in Vivaldi UI VB-38880
  • [Regression] Search engine dropdown list blocked IME text selection VB-37068
  • [Windows 10] Alt gestures do not work on web pages VB-39669
  • [Windows 10][Media] Reddit Videos Freeze Vivaldi VB-31952
  • Backported applicable Chromium 66 security patches
  • Updated translations
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