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GoodSync Pro





Changes in

  • Encryption Side Option: Merge Encrypt Names/Bodies into one option. 
  • Encryption Side Option: Added Test Encryption button, to test Encryption Password on folder. 
  • Encryption Side Option: Added Empty Sync Folder button, to wipeout folder when Encryption changes. 
  • Encrypted File System: Added conveyerization to it, so that it can upload much faster. 
  • Side Option FAT-like: Show it for GSTP file systems too, as FAT may be hiding behind GSTP. 
  • GSTP server + Home FS: Make Folders grow directly from GSTP server, without qhome:// FS and Server S0. 
  • Sharing + Forwarder: Make Sharing work via Forwarders. 
  • Sharing: Fixed folder list when Grantor's server is presented as two different servers to Grantee. 
  • Azure FS: Not Found in ConnectFS is now ignored, not a real error. 
  • Installer: Add Marker to all dialogs and message boxes, so that they can be closed by Installer. 
  • File Upload: If destination file system is atomic, do not delete destination file before upload. 
  • Side Options: Use Temp Files: Make this option always On for Local File System. 
  • MS Graph: Added ability to address sites and sub-sites by name. 
  • Browse Dialog: Reorder file systems, hide old and unused file systems.



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