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[Frontpaged] PeaZip 6.6.0


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PeaZip 6.6.0



Installer | 32-bit - https://osdn.net/dl/peazip/peazip-6.6.0.WINDOWS.exe
Installer | 64-bit - https://osdn.net/dl/peazip/peazip-6.6.0.WIN64.exe


Portable | 32-bit - https://osdn.net/dl/peazip/peazip_portable-6.6.0.WINDOWS.zip

Portable | 64-bit - https://osdn.net/dl/peazip/peazip_portable-6.6.0.WIN64.zip



Changes in 6.6.0:



    Updated to 7z 18.05
        patches CVE-2018-10115 vulnerability
        patches bug on some Windows 10 versions working incorrectly with Large memory pages
        improves performances


    Added new fast function for hinting possible duplicates
        Possible duplicates shows exactly same size, and same CRC32 calculated on sample(s) of file's data
            For files up to 64 KB data it is sampled a 32 KB region at the beginning of the file
            For files larger than 64 KB a second 32KB region is sampled after the half of the file
    Added option to reset search history in search menu
    Various fixes and improvements


    New option "Try to edit non explicitly supported file types" in Options > Settings > Archive manager off by default in order to protect from modification files outside known supported extensions if on, allows to try to add/update and remove files form files not usually employed as archives, but structurally based on archive types such as Java jar, MS Office and OOo files, etc
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