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Version 10.8.8 Apr 30, 2018
* SFTP: Major Speedup of Uploads, up to 20 times faster on fast networks.
* SFTP: Added support for ECDSA host key algorithms, such as SSH-ED25519.
* Sharing: Fixed drilling into shares where server name seen by Grantee differs from Grantpr's name.
* File Open: Fixed files were not open in GS Explorer from Sync tree.
* Sockets: speed up socket upload and download on high speed networks.
* MS Graph: Added option "Request Group.All.Read scope", off by default.
* MS Graph: Added Region option for National Clouds: US govt, DE, CN.
* MS Graph: miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements.
* S3 DreamHost: Allow parts upload on DreamHost, they finally implemented it.
* Get/Set ACL GSTP: Send ACL in the HTTP body which can handle newlines in ACL.
* gsync, gscp, gs-server: get rid of extra newline in console output.
* gs-server: Allow only TLS 1.2, enable ECDH and show three strong cipher suites by default.

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Waiting for portable version by @BALTAGY ^_^


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12 minutes ago, 7even said:

Waiting for portable version by @BALTAGY ^_^


I'm waiting v10.8.9 since the developer like to update a lot :tooth:

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