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cFosSpeed 10.27 Build 2320 Beta


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cFosSpeed 10.27 Build 2320 Beta


Download | Beta - http://www.cfos.de/beta/cfosspeed-v1027-build2320.exe



Changes in 10.27 Build 2320 Beta:

  • Added installer checkbox to allow us to occasionally (max. once a year!) collect some anonymous meta data from your connections (we clear out your IP address).  This is to help us develop a new and improved form of traffic class detection.  Please switch it on, we need real live traffic data to develop this new feature. For a detailed list of collected data, see http://www.cfos.de/collected-data.txt
  • Added new games / programs to the program prioritization settings. Thanks all for your suggestions!
  • Added L7 detection of certain QUIC packets.
  • Improved evaluation of the User-Agent string for the L7 protocol detection.
  • The L7 protocol data field now contains the HTTP Host header field in addition to the Content-Type.
  • Improved "spd ports" display.
  • Fixed a spurious problem with opening the browser.  Thanks to Stefan Waldmann for bug report.
  • Fixed detection of IPv6 address of router.
  • When using "spd cons" or the advanced connection overview, the sorting will now sort TCP and UDP connections together.
  • Fixed detecion of UDP protocols.
  • Traffic Shaping setting is now by default "not cooperative" owing to the fact that usually there are other non-cFosSpeed clients on the LAN as well (smartphones, consoles, etc.)




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