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AT4RE Patcher v0.7.6


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Multi-File Patcher. Offset Patcher. Search and Replace Patcher. Registry Patcher.
Target File Check: CRC, File Size and user defined signature.  Auto Detect From File Path/Registry.
 File Installer with macros enabled.  Skin Support &  GUI (More friendly user interface). and more



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15 hours ago, Cerberus said:

password for rar file:  www.at4re.com

yes, password is inside rar as comment.

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Will there be a plugin for IDA Pro  6.8 / 7.0 ?


Would be cool to have support for it & be able to add both x64dbg patches as well as IDA Pro ones.


Otherwise if you want to use the tool you have to do all the debugging in x64dbg or OllyDbg, but they lack the Graph View IDA Pro gives you to trace what's jumping (conditionally or not) to a defined location on a visual map.



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