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Daum PotPlayer 1.7.10674


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32-bit :



64-bit :




Changelog :

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Version 1.7.10674 : not yet updated

Version 1.7.10667 2018/04/04
+ Added the ability to play MP4 streams
+ Added Indonesian translation

- Improved seeking speed with Built-in HTTP Async Reader
- Modified playlist handling to work asynchronously when possible
- Fixed a problem where playback of AVI files did not work properly
- Fixed an issue where codec-related settings were reset when switching presets
- Fixed a problem that causes the program to crash when Built-in D3D11 Video Renderer is used in Windows 8
- Fixed an issue where multiple color tags could not be read when subtitle time period is started from 0
- Fixed a problem that prevents playback of certain fragmented MP4 files

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10 hours ago, SiNAN said:

The "recommended" Download Links :


x32 http://get.daum.net/PotPlayer/Version/Latest/PotPlayerSetup.exe

x64 http://get.daum.net/PotPlayer64/Version/Latest/PotPlayerSetup64.exe


PotPlayer Forum


So the version i posted is official but they removed it for some reason

PS : there is no  x64 beta version for PotPlayer

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Thread should be titled Daum PotPlayer 1.7.10674 BETA

Official Stable Build is still [1.7.10667]         2018/04/04

e57538342fd785142c30f99ed0e233b4 *PotPlayerSetup64.exe

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