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Full IGO8 - Nextgen - Primo - Amigo - TMC Licenses


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add Licenses  iGO 2018 Q1



With the license can i download maps? Or is there a separate charge for the maps?

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download iGO files with subdivisions 3dc, 3dl, fbl, fda, fds, fjv, fjw, fpa, fsp, ftr, phoneme, poi, poi_truck, speedcam
and in the appropriate folders
\ iGO \ content \ building -In this folder, we place files with the divisions * .3dc
\ iGO \ content \ dem * .dem - these are the files responsible for displaying the map showing the relief of the terrain

\ iGO \ content \ lang Here we upload language files

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catalogs are not full. you need to complete
Location of files

FTR> Truck Info >/Content/MAP/
FPA> Proximity Alerts >/Content/MAP/
FDA> Driver Alerts >/Content/MAP/
FBL> Actual Maps >/Content/MAP/
FSP > Speed profiles >/Content/Map/
HNR> Defined Routes >/Content/Map/
HSP> History Speed >/Content/Histspeed/
3DC> 3D Buildings >/Content/Building/
3DL> 3D Landmarks >/Content/Building/
PH> Regional Voice Corrections > /Content/Phoneme/
DEM> Map Terrain >/Content/DEM/
POI> Points of Interest >/Contents/POI/
FJV> Junction view >/Contents/MAP/
FJW> Junction view >/Contents/MAP/
TXT> Radar >Radar> /Content/speedcam/
KML> Custom Points of Interest >/Content/userdata/poi/
SPC > Speed Camera files - content/speedcam

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bolo33, could you tell is there any license for iGo 2017.Q3 HERE USA & Canada? Didn't find any in Full Licenses 04.07.2018.

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