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JDownloader v2018.02 x86/x64 & Portable PortableAppZ


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JDownloader is open source, platform independent, and written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare.com or Megaupload.com - not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don't pay. It offers downloading in multiple parallel streams, captcha recognition, automated file extraction, and much more. Of course, JDownloader is absolutely free of charge. Additionally, many "link encryption" sites are supported - so you just paste the "encrypted" links and JD does the rest. JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.
JDownloader - the program for automatic download files from sites:
- RapidShare.com
- RapidShare.de
- depositfiles.com
- filefactory.com
- bannedhost.to
- megaupload.com
- megashares.com
- vip-file.com
- upshare.net
- youtube.com
- myvideo.de
- imagefap.com
- letitbit.com
- uploading.com
Platform independent. (Windows, Linux, Mac, ..)
Runs on Java 1.5 or higher
Complete Open-Source (GPL)
24-hour support
Download several files at once
Download with multiple connections
JD has an own powerful OCR module
Automatic extractor (including password list search) (Rar archives)
Theme Support
About 110 hoster and over 300 decrypt plug-ins
Reconnect with JDLiveHeaderScripts: (1400 router supported)
Integrated package manager for additional modules (eg. Webinterface, Shutdown)
JDownloader requires Java Runtime Enviroment (jre/jdk) 1.5 or higher. If possible, you should use the latest Java version.
Download 32/64Bit Webinstaller (Rar-Archive RECOMMENDED) : https://mega.nz/#!DQUSDS4Q!3oCI6KwWTivL3PSTcTAv4YDQxKfkgxMEsehkdTLumP0
Portable JDownloader 2 32-64 bit Multilingual Online
By PortableAppZ
Download Portable JDownloader 2 32-64 bit Online (0.2 MB)
Sharecode: /files/6139413/JDownloader_Portable_2.0_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe.html
Online download latest JDownloader.jar and program will download updates.
Needs Java Runtime Environment Portable or Installed.
Extract and run JDownloader2Portable.
settings in App\JDownloader2\cfg
Java memory max set to 512 MB: edit JDownloaderPortable.ini to change.
Settings of installed JDownloader should be preserved.
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