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Version 10.7.6 - Feb 02, 2018
* gs-server: Fixed logs stopped writing after server-initiated restart.
* GoodSync Licenses: renamed 'Enteprise Server' to 'For Server OS'.
* GoodSync Licenses: renamed 'Pro (Fixed)' to 'Personal'.
* WinFileSys + SMB: process deduplicated links, for which DeviceIoControl returns error 4390.
* Runners: Make their instance mutex names unique per profile, not per authed Windows User.
* Fixed AuthCode Activation did not work.
* Dropbox: Implemented download in blocks, this improves download of large files.
* Browse Dialog, Multi-Select: Fixed opening unchecked folder could cause checking it and parents.
* gsync command line: Fixed job-delete was not working.
* GoodSync.exe command line: Allow window size options to be combined with job commands.
* Command Line: Fixed Connectoid Options were not always making it into Jobs.
* Command Line: ReAdded optins /exit and /exit-ifok, to be used in GoodSync GUI only.
* Fixed GoodSync MSI Installer shows warning on Windows Server.

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