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Version 10.7.4 Jan 21, 2018
* Fixed GoodSync installer did not create proper Registry value to Run GoodSync When Windows Starts.
* CC Runner: fixed bug in upgrading, which could result in Runner being declared a new Runner.
* CC Runner: fixed upgrading using regular GoodSync-v10-Setup.exe installer was resetting CC Runner flag.
* GoodSync Connect Setup: Now always delete Old Gs-Server Users in GS Connect Setup, so that only new New user is left.
* Gs-Server Web UI: Added warning about too many gs-server users, per license.
* Browse Dialog: Multi-Select: Fixed if only one Folder is Excluded, it becomes the new Sync Folder.
* Command Line: Fixed /analyze and /sync options of 'job' command were ignored if they come first.

Version 10.7.3 Jan 19, 2018
* Job Options -> General: Added option to Shutdown Computer after Job is finished.
* Job Options -> General: Added option to limit Max Time To Run (minutes).
* Program Options: When Retain Days changes, start complete cleanup with the new value.
* Job and Program Options: trim string values such as UserId or Smtp Host.
* SyncLib: Added File Size to Copy New/Over log message, when syncing.
* Installer: Fixed GoodSync GUI can be randomly started by Scheduler, esp if Avast is installed.
* Installer: speed up installation of GoodSync, fixed some issues.
* Browse Dlg: Multi-Select: If Include List is empty, still show Implied Checked checkbox.
* gs-server: Added Limitation on Number of Users and Number of Unique Clients, based on License.
* File Server License for GSTP gs-server: added new License for gs-server-based File Server.
* Scripts and Email: Added variables: %TSTART% %TFINISH% %TELAPSED%
* Command Line: improved command line parse, to catch more errors in CL options.
* sib-socket + SSL: Turned off TLS session cache on client side, only FTPS uses it now.
* Command Line: Discontinue parsing Jobs and Program Options in GS GUI, we have gsync for that.
* Added/Fixed policies: DisableAzureFile, DisableGDrive2, DisableGTeamDrive, DisableSharepoint.
* gsync: Added 'auth' command that creates new accounts (OAuth, browser auth) from command line.
* CC Runner: Added new Control Center GUI Runner, with Taskbar icon, that shows status of jobs run by CC.
* CC Runner Installer may install CC Runner as a Taskbar GUI or as a Windows Service.
* CC Runner can automatically update itself to latest version, if CC specifies AutoInstall option.


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