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TagScanner 6.0.25


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button.gif TagScanner 6.0.25 (exe) [2.5 MB]
button.gif TagScanner 6.0.25 portable (zip) [2.9 MB]

6.0.25 (2017-11-17)

  • New: Online results window are now shows track length if available
  • Improved: Stability while saving tags into multiple huge files
  • Improved: Now you can paste single tag from buffer to all selected files
  • Improved: Playback loop control
  • Improved: Fast forward and rewind while playing
  • Improved: Program are now import genre info from Discogs to CONTENTGROUP field
  • Improved: Additional logic on parsing Vorbis comments fields from foobar2000
  • Updated MP4 metadata support
  • Changed: Program now use 'xxx' language marker for ID3v2 frame USLT to prevent problems with reading lyrics in some players
  • Translation: Bulgarian, Serbian (Latin)
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