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Changelog: https://www.ghisler.com/mailing.htm


20.10.17 Release Total Commander 9.10 final (32/64)
19.10.17 Fixed: GDI memory leak when using inverted cursor, and alternating background colors via a view mode (64)
19.10.17 Fixed: Some OneDrive fixes for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update didn't work in 64-bit version only (64)
19.10.17 Fixed: F5 copy - Enter -Background -> dialog box wasn't scaled correctly on secondary screen (Windows 10 Creators Update) (32/64)
19.10.17 Fixed: Right click menu - "New" submenu: When copying a template file, set its date+time to current date+time (32/64)
19.10.17 Fixed: Right click menu - "New" submenu: In some rare cases, a different menu item than chosen by the user could be invoked (32/64)

New functions in Total Commander 9.10:

User interface:

  • Support for multiple screens with different densities (DPI) per screen on Windows 10 (requires latest release version, "Creators Update", or newer).
  • Support for Windows 10 fall Creators Update, mainly OneDrive online only file support
  • Set font quality (e.g. force antialiasing on/off)
  • Support new pseudo environment variables from values described here - just leave out the FOLDERID_ prefix, e.g. %$AccountPictures%

File operations:

  • "New folder" (F7) can now use the same placeholders as the multi-rename tool (e.g. date+time), and create multiple directories in one step using a counter
  • "New text file" (Shift+F4) now supports the same placeholders as the multi-rename tool
  • "New text file" (Shift+F4) now also works in archives, on FTP servers, and with file system plugins
  • Option to use latest "Everything" tool in Alt+Shift+Enter/Spacebar free space calculations
  • Internal 7zip unpacker: Support background unpacking


  • Support touch screen scrolling+text selection
  • Support Unicode names when loading images via Irfanview (needs new Unicode version of Irfanview)

Compare by content:

  • Set width in binary mode to 8, 16, 24 or 32 bytes

Multi-rename tool:

  • New placeholders for inserting current date+time



Download Page: https://www.ghisler.com/download.htm







@addhalokaNsaners awaiting New Fix! :ninja2::medic:

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