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Adguard for Android Premium 2.10.142 Beta Patched


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Adguard provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.
When processing a web page, Adguard does several things at once:
1. Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.
2. Checks a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.
3. Checks apps downloaded from unknown sources.


Ad blocking

[Fixed] Whitelist is not working #1504


[Fixed] Unexpected exception in the onUdpConnectRequest handler #1501
[Fixed] Automatic proxy (with root) is starting very slowly #1516
[Fixed] Disabling net access for Android OS does not work #1498


[Fixed] Minor UI issue in traffic stats screen #1500
[Fixed] The application is not fully translated after changing the language #1514
[Fixed] Proxy port more than 32767 is converted to 0 #1489
[Fixed] Incorrect calculation result of "App Details "screen #1509
[Fixed] Protection restarts when exporting settings #1517


[Changed] Japanese translation
[Changed] Traditional Chinese translation
[Changed] Compatibility fixes
[Fixed] The header is not written after the HAR file rollover #1526
[Fixed] AG should request write_external_storage permission in runtime when it's required #1502
[Fixed] Proxy mode with Magisk 14.2 takes 2+ minutes to enable #1527




Download Stable Untouched


Download Beta Untouched - Github



Download v2.10.142 Beta:

Site: https://www.multiup.eu/en
Sharecode[?]: /download/a368b29e796e49079afc25417bcdb740/AdGuard-Premium-2.10.142.apk
Site: https://dbr.ee
Sharecode[?]: /T8bT
Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode[?]: /files/7567464/Adguard_Premium_2.10.142_Beta.apk.html
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