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Linux: https://storage-waterfox.netdna-ssl.com/releases/linux64/installer/waterfox-55.2.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2

Mac: https://storage-waterfox.netdna-ssl.com/releases/osx64/installer/Waterfox 55.2.0 Setup.dmg

Android: https://storage-waterfox.netdna-ssl.com/releases/android/waterfox-55.2.0.en-US.android-arm-signed.apk


Changelog: https://www.waterfoxproject.org/blog/waterfox-55.0-release-download

Waterfox 55 Release (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)

55.2.0 Released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

After a lot of late nights ☕️, the next version of Waterfox is here! This version lands some very important changes that pave the way to keeping add-on support in Waterfox. Waterfox now uses its own separate profile directory and migrates all your existing data to it. In the coming future the website will get an infrastructure update to pave the way for an add-on store.

Waterfox builds are now ready for Android as well!

Don’t forget to join the active subreddit community for support.

NOTE: SOME SETTINGS (INCLUDING ADD-ONS) MAY BE RESET! Unfortunately due to the way the profile import works, this was necessary. You CAN change which profile to use, the same way as Firefox, if you’d like to use the old location. There will be teething issues, please be patient and just report any issues you do have, I will try my best to have them resolved.

Short Road Map

Just a hasty roadmap of what to expect with Waterfox in the coming future. The 56 release notes will have a much more in-depth roadmap.

  • (This) Release of 55.2.0 which includes security fixes from the latest version of Firefox, so as to not fall behind.
  • Release 56 around mid to end October.
  • 56 will remain as ESR version for the foreseeable future, keeping updated with security patches.
  • In parallel, development of a “new” browser will be happening which will carry on with the XUL/XPCOM mantle or equivalent. This could mean having low-level WebExtension APIs, meaning the same level of customisation as is possible with older Firefox extensions. No cemented plan yet as I test and see which route is best.
  • More in depth roadmap will release with the v56 release notes.

IMPORTANT! Waterfox now uses its own profile location!

Waterfox now uses its own profile directory. If you have updated from an automatic update, you will get a prompt to import your data to this new location after restarting the browser post update.

As much of your data will try to be kept as possible.

  • Location on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Waterfox
  • Location on Linux: ~/.waterfox/
  • Location on Windows: %APPDATA%\Waterfox

If you use a different than default location for Firefox, you should be able to just update the profile.ini in the new Waterfox profile location to carry on using that location.

There will be some teething issues with various setting as the change to prepare for continued XUL/XPCOM add-on support, so some add-ons may get disabled and settings changed. With some upcoming updates this should be fixed.

What’s new in Waterfox 55.2.0?

  • Patched security issues from 52.4 ESR/56 Release. (Mozilla Security Advisories)
  • Linux: Switched to an older build environment for better compatibility of libraries.
  • Linux: No longer statically link libgcc.
  • Linux: Backported patches for issues with FreeType.
  • macOS: 10.13 has graphical issues with the GUI. Will wait for all patches to release before fixing in 56.
  • Android: Download APK or from Google Play Store (slight delay).
  • Yahoo is now the default search partner, but you may still use Ecosia to support Waterfox ?
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Portable Waterfox 55.2.0 en-US Online

By PortableAppZ


Download Portable Waterfox en-US Online (0.4 MB)

Site: http://www.mediafire.com
Sharecode[?]: /file/kco0majq7mrorz8/Waterfox_Portable_MultiVersion_English_Online.exe


In first screen enter: 55.2.0


Can use Java Runtime Environment Portable


NPAPI Flash Plugins

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