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as usual, the idiots @utorrent.com can't get their shit together. The official link, of course, still gets the older version. And not 43916, no, an even older one, 43804

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μTorrent now uses a downloader to download the μTorrent executable.

(Note: There are different downloaders and each may download a different build of μTorrent).

If you choose the downloader route and want to avoid/block offers during the process, add the following line to your hosts file: conecptbodychuckle.com


These are the 3 domains that are accessed within the downloader:

rp.conecptbodychuckle.com, os.conecptbodychuckle.com & os2.conecptbodychuckle.com

Additional lines can be added to the hosts file to cover these, but the bold one above should cover all 3.


As well as the magnet link in post 1, you can download direct here:


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6 minutes ago, jvidal said:

btw, where/how  the hell are we gonna get the correct link when a new version is released?


That's the $64,000 question :D

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