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[NFOPad 1.73]      2017-09-09
- Added command for sorting the selected lines alphabetically
- Recent files list instantly updated for all open NFOPad instances
- Scrolled position is preserved so the selected text is kept in view (for when reopening files, changing wordwrap/font etc)
- When reopening a file the text selection is no longer preserved if the selected text has changed
- Fix for detection of email addresses within citation marks
- Tabify behavior tweaked
- .LOG feature (adding current date and time on open) now marks file as dirty as expected
- Bugfix: Opening a file which ends with a non-empty line will no longer add one empty line
- Bugfix: Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert no longer toggles OVERWRITE
- Bugfix: Tabify honors read only setting
- Minor fixes to both NFOPad and the installer

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