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[Android] Live Lounge Beta v1.0.0


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 Live Lounge Beta v1.0.0

[Ad Free]


Inside 4ndroid has been working on a new all in one apk.  It is still in beta so expect some issues.  I like the direction they are going.  TV channels work real well but not a big selection.  Movies and Series sections work ok most of the time.  Some will not connect due to link being deleted.  He needs to add more hosts but I am sure that will be addressed before going final.





Source URl:


APK Containing Ads:


-Removed Ads.

-Modified Remove Adverts Button on Main Menu.  ;)


Live Lounge Beta v1.0.0 [Ad Free-Cerb]:

Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/0S8A7AMB/Live_Lounge_Beta_v1.0.0_[Ad_Free-Cerb].apk_links


Note:  Adult password is 0000 if you truly need it.

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