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Windows Firewall Control



What's new in version (27.07.2017)
- Improved: Added tooltips and color indicators in the activation dialog to make the
activation process more intuitive.
- Fixed: Removing hundreds of rules at once in Rules Panel makes the window unresponsive
until the action is actually finished.
- Fixed: There is no progress indication in Rules Panel for long running tasks, like
when importing a large partial policy file or when creating duplicate rules for multiple
rules at once.
- Fixed: The confirmation dialog which is displayed when "Blocked connections" check
box is unchecked in Connections Log is not displayed in the center of Connections Log
but in the center of Rules Panel.
- Fixed: When the program is locked, depending on where the mouse pointer is placed
over the unlock button, the tooltip still displays "Lock..." instead of "Unlock...".
- Fixed: The Local Addresses combo box from the Properties dialog should not contain
any tooltip since this field does not support special keywords.

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