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PythonCrew Streaming Pack - Android


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PythonCrew Streaming Pack: Android   One pack for all your android streaming needs.  We have tested over 400+ different apk's for movies, tv series, iptv, music, vpn's, etc.  As we find

Finally got my cash together.  We will have our forum plus reselling webhost and iptv service as well to help pay for our site.  Will take a while to secure everything before going public.  Progress i

Sorry for my absence, personal issues arose.  Anyway, I am back and trying to get on track.  Many updates and new additions coming.  I need time to gather all info and update the readme.txt file and t

wtf is this shit?


This is nsanedown


This is NOT m0bilism


Also i wouldnt download any apk not available from and checked by google play...asking for trouble

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Your entitled to your opinion but your rudeness can take a hike.  If you wish to test over a 200+ apk's yourself, go for it.  I wont stop you.  lmao!  I saved some the trouble.  No one is forcing you to try them.  Take a deep breath and relax.


If you wish to use the free versions then by all means do so.  Why do you think the url's are included?   ;)

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Also i wouldnt download any apk not available from and checked by google play...asking for trouble ..???? explain in detail

You should research before you shoot from the hip.Also the people involved with putting this together have been involved in very worth while projects for years now and give a lot to community in general.No need what so ever for rudeness.:)...

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I have been waiting this for very long time.


Sometimes we need expert suggestion, even you know s about it. Congratulations all PythonCrew members to release this. If you need a some tester, I will do it happily.

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There are more on the way but dont want to overload PriSim.  We must stay on PriSim's good side.  lol  ;)

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Thanks for this its great to have them in one place, i have some more streaming apps for android i can link them after work as im in a bit of a rush now:

just some i remember off the top of my head:











@Cerberus there are some more i can upload after work if you want to include them feel free included in the archive will be a .txt with all the homepages

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I just got the new mobdro 2.0.42, showbox 4.92 and snappy streamz 1.1 this evening.  Yeah send us for testing and if good we will add to our pack, if it can be modded.  We are thoroughly testing not just adding what ever we find.  If good, then it gets added.

Thanks for helping.  :)


Already the pack has grown to 213 megs since v1.1.  lol

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PythonCrew Streaming Pack v1.2:


Change Log:

-Simplified first post and read me.txt file.

-Updated credits.

-Organized Pack.

-Added Mobdro, Showbox and Snappy Streamz apk's.


Note:  Don't forget to thank PriSim for modding the apk's.  ;)

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PriSim, I like that word, worthy.  lol  :)


I am off to start my day.  Everyone take care and have a good day.  :)

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I am downloading now...says 12 mins left.  When completed I will edit this post to let you know.  Thanks again.  :)


Update:  Download complete.  I will also send pm so you get a notification.  :)

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PythonCrew Streaming Pack v1.4:

-Added Inside 4ndroid v1.7 (read the included "read me.txt" file for more info).

-Updated TeaTV v1.8r.


Of course, a big thanks goes out to PriSim:)


Note:  I added zip file size and zip md5 hash value to first post.

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PythonCrew Streaming Pack v1.5:

-Added adguard.

-Added UKTVNOW (not modded, use with adguard to prevent ads).

-Added ES File Explorer/Manager Pro.


Again, thanks to PriSim;)


Note:  Adguard removes all but one ad within the inside 4ndroid app tv guides which is good.  Nice to have options.  ;)

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I found the solution from the dev himself...free version is now ad free.  Will be included in v1.7.

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