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Version June 23, 2017
* Pipe Forwarder: fix socket leaks and connectivity issues, in more complex cases.
* Pipe Receiver: fix not deleting sesssion on Disconnect, other connectivity issues.
* SSL + SNI: Make SNI a default option in all SSL communication, as more and more sites use it.
* SyncLib: Fix 'GsMergeLRgenerations: both sides still have new gens' error in Sync time.
* Ignore Drill Down option for all folders inside Windows Users folder, to avoid cycling and duplication.
* Account Manager Cleanup: remove incorrect entries from Account Manager, when reading it.
* Explorer: Fix deleting of User Bookmark did not work.
* Explorer: Do not ask confirmation when removing unused Job bookmark.
* gsync command line: Fix not saving Account Manager when changing connections in job-update etc.
* gsync command line: Print command line options, unless global option /noprint is specified.

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