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Version 10.4.9 June 09, 2017
* Discovery + UPNP: fix checking cached entries, so that when Local IP changes, redicocvery is done.
* Receiver of Forwarder: Idempotency: several fixes that make it work on network reconnect.
* Sockets: improve error reporting on reconnects.
* Filters: Fix parsing of +-N[d|m|h], it was always assuming d.
* WebDAV: Fix GetInfo() of folder gets rejected on redirect, if folder is submitted without tail '/'.
* Sym Links + Copy Attr: Do not Copy Attribytes when copying Sym Links.
* Sym Links + SFTP: Allow setting file mod time of sym links in SFTP.
* Sym Links + SFTP: make Sym Link Drill option work correctly.
* GUI: Sync Tree: Center (horizontally) central column where O is residing.
* GUI: Sync Tree Column widths: Use single setting for all jobs, fix its loading and saving.
* GUI: Directions and Filters buttons: show explanation when use click with no node selected.
* GUI: Add Clear Tree button, next to Filters and Directions buttons.
* GUI: Accessibility: Allow Browse toolbar buttons to be focused on, add descriptions.
* GUI: Job List Columns: If user downsizes them to zero, do not set them to default width.
* GUI: Filters: Add support for multi-selection, implement Copy and Paste operations.
* CC Runner: Check for shutdown variable once every 3 sec, not every 60 sec.
* Installer: Wait for gsync.exe and gscp.exe to close, in addition to GUI programs.

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